Wednesday, May 23

The modernist touch

Last Sunday, as some may have seen from my Instagram, we visited the wonderful 2 Willow Rd House, the only modernist house you can visit as part of The National Trust. It was the home of architect Ernő Goldfinger and its outstanding attention to detail is most inspiring, especially if you have an interest in architecture like we do - more so if you have a house project under way. It is well worth a visit and our great guide Rob was a joy to listen to. We found ourselves hanging onto to his every word and description, and even took notes. The house is filled with beautiful modernist objects, art by Max Ernst and many more, while people like Mies van der Rohe have stayed in the guest bedroom - chills! Story has it that Ian Fleming used the name Goldfinger for his villain as he had opposed the building of the house which was so different at the time. I feel like adding a lot of photos but will refrain from doing so because it doesn't come anywhere near as seeing it in person - go!