Friday, May 11

For Mother's Day

The second I started typing this post my little miss sunshine woke up setting my typing speed to the max - how befitting for this post! In the lead up to Mother's Day (international) I thought I' quickly share a couple of my personal treats as a mother in a celebratory spirit. First comes the most indulging site I am hooked on lately, The Glow. It combines everything I'm about and like: design, interiors, good photography and above all, motherhood. It is the product of American In Style editor Violet Gaynor and photographer Kelly Stuart and it offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the homes, lives and parenting of design-minded mums (me, me, me!) - a brilliant idea and if I may say so, one I was pondering on myself. In fact, I stumbled on the website when doing research to see if anything of this sort was out there and voilà! All advice is welcome when you're a new mum and I like how honest, inspiring and optimistic it is. When I feel bewildered I keep telling myself it's normal and that it can all be achieved: trying to combine everything AND still want your house and yourself to look good and yes, it can be! I also got a great kick out of spotting items that I already have in my own house and nursery. The second mini treat is a little fun crafty thing you can do. I have always said that if I ever got a tatoo it would probably have something to do with my mother whom I adore, so this idea by Jordan of Oh Happy Day is pretty cool, your own mom tatt!

 Photos from The Glow & Oh Happpy Day