Monday, January 16

Of Wishlists and Other sins

I admit I am a wishlist junkie. I have wishlists on every imaginable site there is and love to add items I WISH I could have without going financially (and morally) bankrupt. I add my favourite things not because I will eventually buy them, but because it satisfies a bizarre OCD instinct of putting things neatly somewhere and keeping track of them. It also saves me from going insane for not obtaining everything; having it there somehow makes me feel as close as possible to actually buying it. So in many ways, a wishlist can really save you! But keeping track of all the many different wishlists was a different issue altogether so I started looking for something like the universal wishlist Google offers until finally succumbed to Svpply which can turn you into a wishlist maniac. It's a great overview and a good way to at I least prioritize; here are a couple of my items or you can click on my Svpply profile for the whole shebang. As you will see my ratio of 'want this' to 'owe this' is pretty lame but I guess that is a good thing. It's also a great way to browse items that other people have painstakingly sourced and can be very much to your taste so its the most refined window shopping! Still new to this but lovely to find Stefanie, Sonia and Lola is Beauty here.

images from Whistles & Netaporter