Friday, July 10

All Good Things Are Wild and Free - Walden

Untitled (Walden) by William Lamson

Many many years ago, while still in high school I got my hands on two books by Henri David Thoreau. One was Civil Disobedience, which very likely formed my early views on political stance. The other book was Walden; it grasped my heart with its beautifully descriptive language and solidified my love of nature and views on religion. Many years later, I found myself living in New England and within a few miles' drive from Walden. I had to visit.

Friday, August 29

The Distance

I'm officially a runner. If you had told me this a few months ago I would have called you crazy. So how did this happen? Well, it took three main ingredients: timing, a new city and a good book.


Image credit R13

There's not much to be said really. I mean... I'm obsessed. Obsessed. This is a case of "I must have this no matter what". Zebra, monochrome and...wait for it....fur. The perfect sweatshirt for me. If I could only have one thing for AW14 this would be it. You hear me?

Thursday, August 28

Why complicate matters?

What do you do when you've hit the nail on the head with an outfit you've loved and need to go out again soon after you've worn it? And to a different venue with different people and no chance of being 'caught' wearing the same? You recycle  and simply wear the same outfit in all its glory, that's what.

Thursday, August 21

Swoon Swimwear

It's August and practically the end of summer so very appropriately I bring you... swimsuits. Why not?!

Tuesday, August 12

Brimfield Antique Market - An Antique Heaven.

The Brimfield Antique Show is America's oldest outdoor market and the biggest in New England, the USA and among the biggest in the world. Once we found ourselves on that side of the Atlantic and with the big renovation back in London there was no question of missing it.

Tuesday, July 22


Like a sleeping beauty, awakening after 100 years of sleep here I am again. Refreshed, relaxed and ready for some blog action.The above work of art is by Danish-born artist Jeppe Hein and has the didactic value I have been following the past few months. I haven't exactly been missing in action, I've been busier than ever, enjoying life more fully and without many of the self-imposed obligations and meaningless responsibilities. I have changed continents, homes, habits and priorities. Taking a break to stand back and absorb is always a good idea.

Friday, March 21

Family Zoo

Because as my husband said: "everybody wants a monkey on their car"...