Friday, March 21

Family Zoo

Because as my husband said: "everybody wants a monkey on their car"...

Claydon House

We went we saw we loved. Claydon House is a seriously stunning home that financially broke its ambitious owner (hidden message here?) Visitors can see the model of the initial structure but today only the west wing remains. It's magnificent and lavish enough to wow guests like my eldest  daughter who kept exclaiming upon entering every room.

Tuesday, March 4

Out & About in London Town

I know you'll think 'she goes out a lot' but it's just London and for London standards it is not a lot. We're still nowhere near the B.C. (before children) glory days and the truth is that I stay in an equal amount of time as going out - it's balance. But kiddo, life is short and it's got to be enjoyed, preferably with food. Here are just a few of our recent outings in case you're looking for new spots to hit.

Ember Yard - great small dishes prepared on charcoal. Note: no high chairs for kids.

Plum & Spilt Milk

I am not the strictest reviewer out there but I am not one easy to please either and Plum & Spilt Milk definitely hit the spot with me.

Northern Soul

We recently visited family up north and took the train which is always lovely. It is incredible how different the pace (and cost) of life is the minute you step outside of London.


This is all about the redemptive power of art  for both the character and the reader of this book. I finally finished the beast.

Finishing it gave me a great sense of achievement - I won't repeat how having a busy life with two kids and a house renovation makes everything difficult and that much more of an effort. But it did make me feel I had accomplished something despite time limitations and above all, it reminded me how the pleasure of art and books cannot be matched. This book combined both.

Stately Homes

Inspiration everywhere on our regular Sunday visits.

Friday, January 10

The public service of Pharrel Williams

 Happy New Year people.   Be happy.   24/7.